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FA1 – Introduction to Financial Accounting financial accounting

방문: 비디오에서 발견된 문제를 다운로드합니다. 회원이 되려면 100개 이상의 “회원 전용” 튜토리얼 비디오에 액세스할 수 있습니다. 가입 버튼을 클릭하거나 이 링크를 클릭하십시오. 이 모듈에서는 회계 용어를 살펴보고 손익 계산서, 계산서를 준비하는 방법을 배웁니다. 주주 자본 및 대차 대조표의 변화. 기본재무비율을 분석합니다. .

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FA1 - Introduction to Financial Accounting

FA1 – Introduction to Financial Accounting

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FA1 – Introduction to Financial Accounting
financial accounting
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41 thoughts on “FA1 – Introduction to Financial Accounting financial accounting”

  1. I really appreciate your videos. I’m currently doing online schooling with no lectures. It all reading and I have been passing but having a horrible time retaining. I have been keeping up in my reading and watching your video and it has been a tremendous help.

  2. Would insurance count as both value and liability? Example; car insurance and health insurance… It's technically value due to how important and helpful it is in keeping costs from being too bad, while also being something you have to put money into.

  3. I have one question related to the dividend you talked about in the last second. I don't see why shareholders need to pull out their money to receive dividends. Do shareholders get dividends when they hold companies' shares? Thank you for the clarefiaction!

  4. I just graduated with my masters and a friend recommended this with me as a review before my first job search. I cannot wait to refresh myself, and I cannot thank you enough for making this!

  5. This is my first video and I'm learning so much already. I thought my college textbook was a little too technical for me to understand so I came here instead and you've explained everything perfectly. Thank you so much❤❤

  6. May you have good fortune my online professor! Haha, saved your playlist, Im a 1st year college student and have a major subject in Financial Accounting. Thanks for the amazing playlist.

  7. Hello, I'm from Thailand and currently studying in accounting school. I just want to say thank you for all of your video, it's very useful for me and my friends to learn financial accounting and English in the same time. THANK YOU.<3

  8. I just started my Financial Accounting course today and was dumbfounded in reading the textbook. I do all of my classes online due to the current covid pandemic, and was on the verge of tears during the practice tests. Thank you for putting these videos together. Quick question, one of my problems mentioned a company paying 4,000 in advertising expenses. How would I be able to allocate that expense in a business transaction

  9. i am a student of Nepal where buddha was Born. Your explanations are just wow. It is so clear and understandable. It was very difficult for me to understand financial account and now I easily understand what Assets, Liabilities, SE ,revenue and so on are. Thankyou very much. Love from Nepal.

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